Frequently Asked Questions (For Historical Purposes)

Why does the FAQ say "For Historical Purposes"?

The Texas Center for Digital Knowledge (TxCDK) was open and active for over a decade under the direction of Dr. William Moen, an Associate Professor in UNT's College of Information. In 2015, the Center's last employee, Dr. Kathryn Masten, was laid off due to funding elimination and a perceived lack of need for the Center. In the future, if TxCDK is resurrected, this FAQ offers useful background information.

What is the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge (TxCDK)?

Located within the College of Information at the University of North Texas (UNT), TxCDK is a research center that advances digital knowledge management through collaborative and interdisciplinary projects among top researchers in library and information sciences, business information systems, communication, computer science, computer security, and cognition. TxCDK also supports research opportunities for students of the Interdisciplinary Information Science Ph.D. Program.

What is the Mission of TxCDK?

As stated in its Charter, the TxCDK stimulates and supports interdisciplinary research encompassing theoretical frameworks and practical applications that can enhance the creation, storage, organization, retrieval, use, and evaluation of information in a wide variety of digital formats.

Why is TxCDK Needed?

Digital information - and the technologies that help create, store, manage, transform, present, and preserve that information - is the lifeblood of most academic disciplines. Digital information is the currency of economic growth. With its special focus on digital knowledge, TxCDK's mission positions it centrally within the University, and its interdisciplinary character is in line with UNT's strategic and academic plans.

What are the Goals of TxCDK?

  • Be the premiere center in Texas for advanced research and projects related to digital knowledge
  • Gain a national reputation as a center of excellence
  • Provide research and consulting services to improve organizations' management and use of digital knowledge
  • Increase the level of funded research at UNT by providing research and project services in support of the Fellows
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with other UNT centers
  • Engage and support the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Information Science to the benefit of the program, the program faculty, and the students

What is the vision of TxCDK?

The Texas Center for Digital Knowledge is a strategically important UNT research and development center that leverages UNT faculty expertise in a broad range of digital information and technology applications and encourages interdisciplinary and collaborative projects resulting in increased externally funded research and high-value research outcomes.

What do the Fellows do?

Fellows conduct research and carry out projects that focus on the following categories:

  • Design of Information Technologies
  • Education & Training
  • Evaluation, Assessment & Measurement
  • Global Information Policies
  • Knowledge Management
  • Organizational & Workplace Effectiveness
  • Technologies & Practices
  • Workplace Collaboration & Communication

How can I become a Fellow?

If you are:

  • A faculty member of the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Information Science OR any other UNT faculty or staff member with research interests consistent with the TxCDK mission and goals AND
  • Willing to conduct independent and/or collaborative funded research under the auspices of the Center for a three year period

Then contact Director William Moen for further information on becoming a TxCDK Fellow.