Writing Tips

This section provides quick tips for improving the competitiveness of a proposal submission.
  1. Good Fit: Read the solicitation carefully to make sure your proposed work is a good fit for this opportunity.
  2. Internal Support: Engage TxCDK and/or the UNT Office of Research and Economic Development early.
  3. External Communication: Contact the program officer or use a PEST (Pursuit of Extramural Support Travel) grant to visit the agency.
  4. Collaboration: Identify appropriate partners and ensure they are fully on board with your project.
  5. Rules: Follow the rules for formatting, number of pages, etc.
  6. Content: Provide everything asked for in the solicitation and provide it in the order requested. Pay particular attention to evaluation criteria.
  7. Structure: Use as your headings the main areas the funder has asked you to address.
  8. Timeline: Create a project timeline that shows tasks, responsibility, and expected duration so that you can create a realistic budget.
  9. Budget: Use Budget Builder to create both your Sponsor Budget (what the funder will pay for) and, if applicable, your Cost Share Budget (what UNT and non-funder resources will provide).
  10. Feedback: Have someone outside your project review your proposal - and listen to their suggestions.