April 20th internal deadline for NIH Challenge Grants

The Office of Research and Economic Development at UNT shares that:

NIH has sent notice that the system is guaranteed to crash on April 27 and has advised early submission to ensure your proposal will be received.

Please note the following UNT-Internal Challenge Grant Topic deadlines.

Internal submission for full review: Monday, April 13, 11:59 P.M.: send to Dr. Denise Simmons at denise.simmons@unt.edu

Internal submission for guaranteed on-time submission to the NIH: Monday, April 20, (8:00 a.m.) : send to your assigned Grants Officer
*Please note that this deadline is for completed, reviewed, and submission-ready

Lucien Finley: Lucien.Finley@unt.edu, 369-5913 (office)
Emily Richards: Emily.Richards@unt.edu, 565-2291 (office)
Sarah Sprinkle: Sarah.Sprinkle@unt.edu, 565-4871 (office)