2010 CSID Interdisciplinary Initiatives Proposal due Feb.15

In a second round of funding, the Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity (CSID) will award 1-5 grants to support integrating the non-academic community with UNT education and/or research. Total funding available for this round of awards is up to $15,000.

CSID (www.csid.unt.edu) is dedicated to improving the outcomes of research and education across both campus and the nation. CSID both studies and engages in interdisciplinarity, seeking improved ways to integrate different types of disciplinary knowledge as a means to improve research and education and to make academic work more relevant to society.

On this occasion, CSID solicits proposals for interdisciplinary initiatives that, in addition to integrating two or more disciplines, also involve participants from outside the academy. Such activities could be education-oriented (e.g., partnering with a DFW-area museum to create a new exhibit that requires expertise from two or more disciplines) or research-oriented (e.g., working with a local business or community group to put in a collaborative proposal for extramural funding), but they may also include finding ways to provide useful advice to societal decision makers (e.g., advising local, regional, or national government officials about sustainability practices).

Proposals will be judged on the degree of integration of the academic and the non-academic aspects of the proposal, potential societal impact, and on the feasibility of the proposed activities, including the budget. Information on last year’s grant recipients can be found here: http://www.csid.unt.edu – then consult the pull-down menu under “engagement.”

Proposals may be submitted on any topic, but must involve a) UNT faculty or research staff from at least two disciplines, and b) a non-academic organization or group. Proposals are limited to 3 pages maximum (minimum 12 point font), which includes a one-page budget description (including justification). Proposals should be sent as an attachment in MS Word to: csid@unt.edu. The deadline for receipt of proposals is February 15, 2010.

Award recipients will participate in an initial retreat and in occasional meetings for the duration of the project in order to report on their progress, form in a community of practice, and help to formulate a collective list of “best practices” in interdisciplinarity. These meetings are intended to benefit both award recipients (insofar as CSID can participate through capacity building) and CSID (insofar as funded projects will increase CSID’s knowledge base regarding interdisciplinarity). Non-academic members of awarded projects will be encouraged, but not required as a condition of funding, to attend the retreat and meetings. Award recipients will also be asked to contribute materials describing their projects for posting on the CSID site, both in order that we may publicize their research and that we may be able to disseminate a set of “lessons learned” regarding these interdisciplinary initiatives. All awards will have a duration of 1 year, and a brief final project report will be due within one month of the end of the award.