New Solicitation on Accelerating Innovation Research

NSF is announcing a new solicitation on accelerating innovation research

submissions awarded under Option 2 will be required to submit an updated strategic plan as part of their first annual report.

Option 1 and Option 2 Assessment:

OMB/OSTP Memorandum M-09-27 Priorities.pdf directed science and technology agencies to describe the expected outcomes from their research in relation to these four practical challenges and cross-cutting areas, providing quantitative metrics where possible, and describe how they plan to evaluate the success of various techniques to increase support for high-risk research.

In compliance with this memorandum, each annual and final project report should provide an explanation of the quantitative and qualitative metrics that have been used in evaluating the impact of their activities.

In order to reduce reporting and administrative burden, proposers are encouraged to use administrative records where possible. Universities participating in the OSTP/NIH/NSF/Federal Demonstration Partnership's (FDP) STAR METRICS program
( are encouraged to contact their institutional representatives to identify ways in which the program could support the evaluation of their activities.

The report should be filed in the activities and findings section of the annual and final reports.