Dr Robert Allen to speak at the College of Information Colloquium on November 4, 6-8pm DP B140 All UNT Faculty, Staff and Students Welcome!

Dr. Robert (Bob) Allen will present "Beyond Linked Data with Linked Models for eScience and Digital History" at the College of Information Colloquium Series on Friday, November 4, at 6pm. Drawing on genre and argumentation theory, Dr. Allen has proposed that model-oriented scientific research reports could replace text-based research reports. In a model-oriented approach, reports are composed of structured components such as the research methods and the data analyses that can be modeled as workflows. Even the phenomenon under investigation is described with a process model. This approach should provide better eScience services such as access, reuse, and preservation.

Dr. Allen will join the School of Information Management at the Victoria University of Wellington in January 2012. In the past several years, his research has emphasized specification and interaction with narrative chains such as those from stories, from scientific explanations, and from narrative history. Earliler, Dr. Allen was a pioneer in the development of recommender systems and made substantial contributions to hardware implementation of neural networks. Dr Allen has also released a comprehensive informatics textbook online which is titled: Information: A Fundamental Construct. Bob was Editor in Chief of the ACM Transactions on Information Systems for 10 years and Chair of the ACM Publications Board. He has taught in the iSchools at Drexel and the University of Maryland. Before that, he was Senior Scientist in the Information Science Research Group at Bellcore and Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories. He received his PhD in Social and Cognitive Experimental Psychology from UCSD. Please join us for this exciting presentation!
Questions about the COI Colloquium can be addressed by Dr. William E. Moen, Email: william.moen@unt.edu