COI Research Fridays resume October 19th!

On October 19th from 12-1 in the Learning Technologies' Agora at Discovery Park, staff of the Information Research and Analysis (IRA) Lab ( will present: THE 7 DEADLY SINS OF QUANTITATIVE METHODS IN ACADEMIA! during which you will learn about and discuss the seven common statistical mistakes, including how to identify, avoid, and correct them.

Research Fridays are held the first and third Fridays of the the academic months in the Agora in the Department of Learning Technologies starting at noon for approximately one hour. These are brown bag events, so bring your lunch and enjoy time with your colleagues. Research Fridays are a college-level brown bag series for discussion and presentations on faculty, student, and staff research activities and ideas. Research Fridays were initiated to promote better understanding of research activities of COI faculty, students, and staff, and to offer opportunities for sharing ideas and potentially developing new collaborations.

Research Fridays are open to all, and COI faculty, staff, and Ph.D. students are especially encouraged to attend. An important goal of COI Research Fridays is to share with others what each is working on in terms of research. The structure of the meetings are flexible so various types of discussions/presentations could occur.